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The University of Nebraska Press allows us to give some of our content to readers for free!  You can now go to ProjectMuse and download all six issues of Volumes 1 and 2 without a subscription, or you can click on some sample articles from our complete run below!

Editors’ Column by Founding Editors Stephanie Foote and Stephanie LeMenager

Bring Your Shovel! by Stacy Alaimo (1:1)

Mockingbird Resilience by Catriona Sandilands (1:1)

Environmentalism after Despair by Paul Outka (1:1)

The Environmental Humanities and Public Writing: An Interview with Rob Nixon by Stephanie LeMenager (1:2)

Decolonizing the Archive: Digitizing Native Literature with Students and Tribal Communities by Siobhan Senier (1:3)

Tasting Modernism: An Introduction by J. Michelle Coghlan (2:1)

Introduction: Grassroots History: Global Environmental Histories from Below by Robert Michael Morrissey and Roderick I. Wilson (3:1-3)

Master Metaphor: Environmental Apocalypse and the Settler States of Emergency by April Anson (8.1)

Climate Change as Chronic Crisis in Ben Lerner’s 10:04 by Stephanie Bernhard (8.2)

Infrastructural Prolepsis: Contemporary American Literature and the Future Anterior by Reuben Martens and Pieter Vermeulen (8.3)

Introduction: Environmental Justice in Chicana/o Communities by Mary Pardo, Rosa RiVera Furumoto, and Stevie Ruiz