Sample Articles

As Resilience enters into its second year in print, we want to make available some of our highlights.  The selection of articles available on our website will change over time.  Welcome to new readers and thanks to those who’ve been here before.  We also thank the University of Nebraska Press for kindly agreeing to share this published work online.

Editors’ Column by Founding Editors Stephanie Foote and Stephanie LeMenager

Bring Your Shovel! by Stacy Alaimo, featured in Vol 1, Issue 1

Mockingbird Resilience by Catriona Sandilands, featured in Vol 1, Issue 1

Environmentalism after Despair by Paul Outka, featured in Vol 1, Issue 1

The Environmental Humanities and Public Writing: An Interview with Rob Nixon by Stephanie LeMenager, featured in Vol 1, Issue 2

Decolonizing the Archive: Digitizing Native Literature with Students and Tribal Communities by Siobhan Senier, featured in Vol 1, Issue 3

Tasting Modernism: An Introduction by J. Michelle Coghlan, featured in Vol 2, Issue 1