Call for Contributions

Resilience appears three times a year.  Each issue of the journal features essays of approximately 5,000 words, as well as book reviews, interviews, photographic and other visual essays. We also are interested in translations of significant, published works in the environmental humanities which have yet to appear in English.  We will review submissions of 500 to 5,000 words.

We welcome essays on any aspect of environmental research, politics, and culture. Each essay will be double-blind reviewed.  The house style of the journal, and its interdisciplinary mission, requires that submissions be written in jargon-free prose. If specialized language is required, include a short glossary.  A good rule of thumb: Clearly articulate the stakes of your argument for an audience that you assume will be interested but not expert in the subject and method of your work.  You can assume a general familiarity with the shape of debates in environmental studies but not with the shape of those debates in your specific field.  The journal seeks to make discussions in environmental humanities scholarship accessible to readers in multiple disciplines, so we seek clear, elegant writing, concise argument, and an ability to describe the contribution of your work to an evolving conversation in the humanities broadly conceived.