Resilience 8.1 (Winter 2020)

Resilience 8.1

“Introduction” by Sarah Jaquette Ray

“Climate Justice Pedagogy: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Proximity and Empathy in Contexts of Privilege” by Jill Gatlin

“Climate Justice Pedagogies: Affect, Empathy, and Scale in the Anthropocene” by Jennifer Ladino

“Reimagining Communities as Sustainable Means to a More Environmentally and Socially Just World” by Carlrey Arroyo

“Teaching the Anthropocene: Technology and Environmental Justice” by Melissa Sexton

“Performative Pedagogy: Modeling Affect and Action in Climate Change Courses” by Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

“Reconfiguring Temporality in the Anthropocene: Coloniality and the Political Ecocrisis” by Adam Wickberg

‘Master Metaphor’: Environmental Apocalypse and the Settler States of Emergency” by April Anson

“How Does It Feel to Be an Oil Spill?” by Sara Mameni

“Ecotopian Narratives as Social Change Strategy: From Lord Byron to Rob Hopkins” by J. Andrew Hubbell

“Competing Ecourban Futures in Taipei” by Jason Perry

“On Dismantling: A Report from Michigan” by Jeffrey Insko