Resilience 6:2-3 (Spring-Fall 2019)

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Stories of Energy: Narrative in the Energy Humanities (pp. 1-25). Axel Goodbody and Bradon Smith. Download this essay here!

Pandaemonium: Narratives of Energy-System Change in Historical and Literary Perspective (pp. 26-52). Nicola Whyte and Axel Goodbody

Coal as an Actor in D. H. Lawrence’s Early Plays: Challenging Anthropocentric Perspectives in the Cultural Representation of Human-Energy Relations (pp. 53-71). Robert Butler

 A Darkness Not Perpetual: Stories of Appalachian Power (pp. 72-91). Robert S. Emmett

 An Energy Account for Spaceship Earth (pp. 92-115) Renata Tyszczuk

The Energy of Stories: Postcolonialism, the Petroleum Unconscious, and the Crude Side of Cultural Ecology (pp. 116-135) Roman Bartosch

 Imagined Energy Futures in Contemporary Speculative Fictions (pp. 136-154) Bradon Smith. Download this essay here!

Review Essay

Beyond Oil: The Emergence of the Energy Humanities (pp. 155-163)Jamie L. JonesDOI: 10.5250/resilience.6.2-3.0155

Book Reviews: New Work in Latinx Environmental Criticism