Resilience 5.2: The Green Humanities Lab

Introduction: The HfE Project and Beyond: New Constellations of Practice in the Environmental and Digital Humanities

Joni Adamson

Experimental Humanities and Humanities for the Environment

Sally L. Kitch

Resilient Observation: Toward Transformational Research among Environmental Humanities

Michael Simeone

Stories from the Field: Public Engagement through the Environmental Humanities and Allied Disciplines

Julie Sze, Tracy Perkins, Julie Anand and Netra Chhetri

From Principles to Practice: A Place for Stories

Paul Hirt

Cautionary Notes on Sustainability Principles

Sally L. Kitch

Citizen Humanities: Teaching Life Overlookedas Interdisciplinary Ecology

Joni Adamson, Stephanie Lemenager and Catriona Sandilands

Figuring Our Environments and Living with Critters in the Anthropocene

Ron Broglio and María L. Cruz-Torres

Values on Your Plate: Dinner 2040

Joan McGregor

Digital and Environmental Humanities: Strong Networks, Innovative Tools, Interactive Objects

Stephanie Posthumus, Stéfan Sinclair and Veronica Poplawski

The Digital Anthropocene, Deep Mapping, and Environmental Humanities’ Big Data

Charles Travis

What Is Missing? An Affective Digital Environmental Humanities

Jennifer K. Ladino