Resilience 5.1 (Winter 2017)

Volume 5, Number 1, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Social Media in the Anthropocene

Guest edited by Johan Gärdebo, Tom Buurman, Ma Isabel Pérez-Ramos, and Anna Svensson


pp. vii-viii
Stephanie LeMenager

Introduction to Social Media in the Anthropocene

pp. 1-17
Johan Gärdebo, Tom Buurman, M Pérez-Ramos, Anna Svensson

(Inter)facing the Anthropocene: Representing an Interdisciplinary Interaction

pp. 18-38
Zev Trachtenberg, Antonio J. Castro, Kiza Gates, Asa Randall, Ingo Schlupp, Lynn Soreghan, Noah Theriault, Meghan Wieters

Around the World in 143 Days: Times at the Scale of the Anthropocene

pp. 39-70
Anna Åberg, Hugo Almeida, Josh Wodak, Jens Kirstein

The Travelling Scientist: Reflections on Aviated Knowledge Production in the Anthropocene

pp. 71-99
Johan Gärdebo, David Nilsson, Kristoffer Soldal

Dramatizing the Anthropocene through Social Media: The Spatiotemporal Coordinates of Hydrocitizens

pp. 100-134
Tom Payne, Owain Jones, Andy Rowland, Shelagh Hourahane, Alex Plows, Maggie Roe, Gwilym Morus-Baird, Jane Lloyd Francis, Jenny Hall, Ariana Jordao, Sara Penrhyn Jones, Tom Gunn, Iain Biggs, Nick Jones, Antony Lyons, Hywel Griffiths