Issue 3

Special Volume: “Environmental Humanities from Below”

Guest edited by Robert Michael Morrissey and Roderick I. Wilson

Introduction: Grassroots History; Global Environmental Histories from Below
Robert Michael Morrissey and Roderick I. Wilson

An Intermittent Order Contrived on Sand: Managing Water, Siltage, Locusts, and Cultivators on the Lower Yangzi in the Early 1800s
David A. Bello

“The Revolt of the Commons”: Resilience and Conflicts in the Water Management of the Jianghan Plain in Late Imperial China
Yan Gao

Fighting Fire with Fire: Mobile Pastoralists and French Discourse on Wildfires in Nineteenth-Century Algeria
Andrea E. Duffy

From a Colonial Hinterland to a Postcolonial National Economy: Jute and the Bengal Delta, 1850s to 1950s
Tariq Ali

Planting and Its Discontents: Or How Nomads Produced Spaces of Resistance in China’s Erstwhile Xikang Province
Mark E. Frank

Stewards of Their Island: Rastafari Women’s Activism for the Forest and Waters in Trinidad and Tobago—Social Movement Perspectives
Diana J. Fox and Jillian M. Smith

Defiant: Documenting the Violation of the Natural World by Latin American Reporters
Rupert Medd

Environmentalism in the Interstices: California’s Salton Sea and the Borderlands of Nature and Culture
Traci Brynne Voyles

Placing Edomae: The Changing Environmental Relations of Tokyo’s Early Modern Fishery
Roderick I. Wilson

Workers of the World’s Oceans: A Bottom-Up Environmental History of the Pacific
Gregory Rosenthal

Indigenous Landscapes in Northwestern New Spain: Environmental History through Contested Boundaries and Colonial Land Claims
Cynthia Radding

Nature in “the Jungle”: Ethnic Workers, Environmental Inequalities, and Subaltern Cultures of Nature in Chicago’s Packingtown
Colin Fisher

Possums, Quandongs, and Kurrajongs: Wild Harvesting as a Strategy for Farming through Drought in Australia
Rebecca Jones

The Ginger Option and Oppositional Agriculture in Postcolonial Sierra Leone
Zachary Poppel

Questioning the Anthropocene and Its Silences: Socioenvironmental History and the Climate Crisis
Andrew M. Bauer


John R. McNeill and Alan Roe, eds., Global Environmental History: An Introductory Reader
Rob Rouphail