Issue 2.1



Tasting Modernism: An Introduction
J. Michelle Coghlan

An All-Too-Moveable Feast: Ernest Hemingway and the Stakes of Terroir
Catherine Keyser

Tasting Horror: Radical Forms of Feeding in Guy Endore’s The Werewolf of Paris
J. Michelle Coghlan

Consuming War in Graham Greene’s The Ministry of Fear
Kate M. Nash

The Green Avant-Garde: Food Hackers and Cyberagrarians
Allison Carruth

Sushi, Otters, Mermaids: Race at the Intersection of Food and Animal; or, David Wong Louie’s Sushi Principle
Anne Anlin Cheng

An Interview with Jonathan Bloom
Stephanie Foote

Other Tastes of Modernism
Zack Denfeld


Introduction to The Great Immensity
Anthony Lioi

The Sun’ll Be Hotter Tomorrow: Growing Up with Climate Chaos
Una Chaudhuri

“This Is a Picture Of . . .”
Andrew Mark

Review of The Great Immensity
Nicole Seymour

Review of The Great Immensity
Nicole M. Merola

After the Beautiful Sorrow: Affective Resilience and The Great Immensity
Anthony Lioi