Issue 1.3


Editors’ Column
Stephanie Foote, Stephanie LeMenager and Paula Salvio

Philosophy in the Field: Care Ethics, Participatory Virtues, and Sustainability
Lissy Goralnik, Matt Ferkany, Laurie Thorp and Kyle Powys Whyte

Building Interdisciplinarity into Teaching: A Dream Course on Sustainability and Global Environmental Change
Jeffrey M. Widener and Travis J. Gliedt

We Don´t Need No Education: A Case Study for Situating the Environmental Humanities
Johan Gärdebo, Daniel Helsing, Anna Svensson and Adam Brenthel

Claiming the Language Ecotone: Translinguality, Resilience, and the Environmental Humanities
Natalie Eppelsheimer, Uwe Küchler and Charlotte Melin

Decolonizing the Archive: Digitizing Native Literature with Students and Tribal Communities
Siobhan Senier

Indigenous Women, Feminism, and the Environmental Humanities
Greta Gaard

Learning Where the Weather Is Real: Why Teaching in Bad Weather Is Good
Nels Anchor Christensen

Reading Signs: The Landscape as Text
Christopher W. Wells

Witness among the Refugees, Iowa Territory
Barbara Eckstein

Higher Education, moocs, and the Question of Sustainability: An Interview with Jonathan Tomkin
Stephanie Foote

Disavowal and Dismissal: The Struggle for Ownership in Sustainability Studies
Paula Salvio

Good Reads for Teaching about Sustainability
A. G. Rud

How to Read for Oil
Jennifer Wenzel

Green Screen: A Deconstructed Syllabus
Gregg Mitman

Media and the Environment Syllabus Guide
Nicole Starosielski

The Intimate Relations of Sustainability: Pedagogical Encounters and Public Art at the Land|Slide: Possible Futures Exhibition
Chloë Brushwood Rose

Ursula Heise and Her Work: Toward a Rhizomatic Review
Anthony Lioi