Issue 1.1: Free on Project Muse


Editors’ Column
Stephanie LeMenager and Stephanie Foote

Peter S. Alagona

Bring Your Shovel
Stacy Alaimo

Resilience Is Cyborg: Feminist Clues to a Post-Disciplinary Environmental Humanities of Critique and Creativity
Cecilia ├ůsberg

Under the Molten Mirror of the Sky: Looking Up in the Twenty-First Century
Robert Boschman

Manifesto as Interrogation
Lawrence Buell

Resilience: Antidote for the Anthropocene
David A. Cleveland

Bishnupriya Ghosh

Resilience PechaKucha
Cheryll Glotfelty

Lesley Green

Resilience: The Resurgence of Public Things
Gay Hawkins

Resilience Embodied
ann-elise lewallen

An Ecology of Resilience: Participatory Adaptation
Michael Vincent McGinnis

Creative Destruction and a Sliver of Hope
Susie O’Brien

Reflections on Resilience in a “Black Swan” World
David W. Orr

Environmentalism after Despair
Paul Outka

Jenny Price

Mockingbird Resilience

New Habitat
Catriona Sandilands

Degrees of Resilience
Imre Szeman

Graeme Wynn

A Poetics of Infrastructure
An Interview with Matt Coolidge
Stephanie LeMenager

Interview with Dick Hebdige
Stephanie LeMenager

The Power of Play in Urban Environmentalism
Interview with Jenny Price

Allison Carruth

Urban Ecologies and Social Practice Art
Allison Carruth

Book Review
Introduction: Critical Environmental Justice Studies in the Twenty-First Century
Janet Fiskio and Julia Christensen

Part 1. Environmental Justice, the Transcorporeal, and Engaged Scholarship in the Twenty-First Century
A Conversation with Shazia Rahman, Karen Salt, and Julie Sze
Janet Fiskio

Part 2. Author’s Forum
Engaged Scholarship in the Vernacular Landscape: A Conversation
Joni Adamson and David Naguib Pellow

Review Essay
Startling Feeling: Environmental Scholarship Amidamid the Tangled Roots of Imperialism